Bill: Singapore City, Singapore

Weight: 220 lbs

Height: 6'2''

Aliases: Kaiser, The Talk of Tomorrow

Signature Move: Falling Powerbomb


Sean ‘Trexxus’ Stallion earned the moniker of "The Prodigy" when he made his debut merely after 2 months of training back in January 2013.

The self-professed "Kaiser" have since competed against athletes from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Russia, which includes World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) CWC competitor Jason Lee, Ho Ho Lun and Dragon Gate Japan's Cima..

Stallion has also achieved championship glory when he became one half of the Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) Tag Team Champions alongside "The Statement” Andreuw Tang and is also the current SPW Sputh East Asia Wrestling Champion.

After AWE’s successful first show AWE : Adventus, Stallion was driven to sign himself as the promotion’s roster member. Not only does he hope to represent Singapore, but he also hopes to attain a possible championship that AWE is bound to announce sooner or later to constantly assure that he is indeed 'The Talk of Tomorrow'.