Shaukat joins AWE, to face Shane 'The Hurricane' Helms at AWE Adventus


Its official. How will the Prophet of Pain fare against Shane 'Hurricane' Helms in this last minute match?
By: AWE News Team

Nov 27 - The 'Big Daddy of Malaysian pro wrestling', Shaukat has finally announced his arrival in Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE).

Shaukat who founded the pro wrestling industry in Malaysia was spotted at the AWE headquarters several times before having failed to give any comments on the reason for the meetings he has had with the company's top brass. Now we all now and AWE could not be more thrilled to have him on board.

Now finally a member of AWE's vast and diverse roster, the 'Nusantara Prince' has been added to the AWE Adventus card at the last minute, where he is set to take on Shane 'The Hurricane' Helms next week at AWE : Adventus.

When reached for comments, Shaukat finally opened his mouth to the AWE News Team in regards to him signing with AWE as well as his opponent this coming December 17.

“AWE will never be complete without the person who built the Malaysian wrestling scene with his bare hands.

“Shane Helms is a well respected figure in the wrestling world but I assure you that no one in the world can deal or take the amount of punishment like I can. I am Shaukat and I will teach you the meaning of pain. Time's up, punishment is due,” he said.