Bill: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Weight: 178 lbs

Height: 5'8''

Aliases: Nusantara Prince, Modern day Laksamana

Signature Move: NK Driver, Uranage Slam, Shaukat Lock


Known as the Big Daddy of Malaysian Pro Wrestling, Shaukat was the sole person responsible in paving way for the pro wrestling industry in his country, carving every single step from nothing with his own bare hands.

This 'Modern Day Laksamana' is a recognized ace in the art of striking, grappling as well as his signature incorporation of the 'Silat', an ancient martial arts of the Malays, into pro wrestling.

The Nusantara Prince have since became a household name in pro wrestling within the South East Asian Region. He has won the Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW)'s World to Regional Championship title twice since he started his pro wrestling in 2013.

Ever since tapping into his darker self, Shaukat has since evolved into a more ruthless competitor, on contrary to his calm and collected persona which he potrayed during the beginning of his career. Despite this, Shaukat still continues his crusade to become a far stronger in ring competitor as he steps into a bigger pond, competing against bigger world class talent in the AWE's squared circle.