Malik 'Serigala' Sazali

Bill: Johor, Malaysia

Weight: 200 lbs

Height: 6'1''

Aliases: Serigala

Signature Move: Wolf's Bane, Belly to Belly, Powerbomb


All he ever wanted to achieve in life is to be a renowned actor. Ever since he arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malik Sazali has yet to get his big break in the film industry.

Despite the lack of opportunities, the Johorean isn't demotivated one bit and remains adamant in pursuing his dreams. But to survive, he needs to do one thing that he is really good at but have very little interest in – fighting.

The artistic spirited big man took part in illegal underground fights to earn his keep. He was so good at it that he was given the nick name 'Serigala' which means wolf in Malay language.

One day, an opportunity comes to his door step; a contract to fight in AWE. Without hesitation, Malik signed the deal as he sees this as a stepping stone to stardom. Who knows, maybe an illustrious film producer will take notice on Serigala and offer him his long awaited movie role?