Bill: Bandung, Indonesia

Weight: 187 lbs

Height: 5'10''

Aliases: Pirate Slayer

Signature Move: Shining Wizard



If you are by any chance a pirate, then you best be prepared to head to Davy Jones' locker, because Rufio, the 'Pirate Slayer' has drop his anchor in Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE)

Making his start in the Australian independent wrestling circuit, Rufio, the only active Indonesian born professional wrestler in the world have previously made waves all across the land down under while he was wrestling under various promotions.

This includes Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA), Melbourne City Wrestling and Wrestle Rampage as well as being the Australia Wrestling Alliance (AWA) where he became the youngest ever AWA Heavyweight champion in Queensland.

Hungry for a broader horizon, Rufio now has his sight set on AWE where he aims to make an impact, just as he did in Australia. The AWE roster better batten down the hatches, because here comes RU-FI-OOOOH!