WWE wrestlers plans to make a gentleman out of AWE stars


It is confirmed that current WWE wrestlers will face Radja Afif and Double K at AWE : Adventus

By: AWE News Team


Nov 23 - A wrestling promotion isn't complete without a good, solid, hell raising stable around to spice things up for everyone in the roster. Names have been built, revived and glorified just because a wrestler is a part of a certain stable.

Fortunately for Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) fans, we too will have our ring graced by the presence of arguably 'The baddest wrestling stable today'.

The deal is sealed and these 'gentlemen' are set have a match at AWE : Adventus this coming December 17 against 'The King of the North' Radja Afif and 'Double K' Khal Khalidi.

When reached out for comments, Afif, the man who would rather let his actions speaks for himself simply said 'good, can't wait'.

Double K on the other hand said that he is not afraid at all, when he called his future opponents 'a bunch of over hyped dinosaurs”.

“Who are they? Where are they from? I don't care. They may be living legends to some people but these bunch of over hyped dinosaurs have never set foot in the ring and faced up to a legend in the making. ME!! – Double K. Ok?” said the 'Punomenal One'.

Stay tuned for more updates.