AWE confirms women's division, reveals two names


Crystal from Philippines and Phoenix from Malaysia heats up the AWE roster

By: AWE News Team


Nov 15 - Things are heating up in the Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) as AWE spokesperson today announces the establishment of the AWE Women's division.

With the announcement, he also announced the first two out of many more ladies that will be competing in the promotion's squared circle.

First up, from Manila, Philippines, the master of the 'Solemate', the Filipino Femme Fatale, Crystal.

The announcer turned wrestler have proven to the people of the Philippines that she is one tough cookie when she stood toe to toe with the men of Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR).

Next up, from Selangor, Malaysia, the Fiery Fighter, the Masked Marvel, Nor 'Phoenix' Diana.

One of the greatest product of the Malaysian Pro Wrestling (MyPw) Diana has never fail to amaze those who have witnessed her perform live with her aerial and technical prowess.

It is also confirmed by the spokesperson that these two dreadful divas are set to take on each other at the upcoming AWE event.