AWE inks deal with ‘Benchmark of Brutality’


Wam Bam Bellows seeks to cement his legacy, win titles and make more money in AWE

By: AWE News Team


Nov 15 - Wam Bam Bellows -- a loud, tough and over the top athlete has recently signed a contract with the Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), officially making him the latest addition to the promotion’s diverse roter.

The Australian born wrestler has been dominating the squared circle since making his debut in 2006. Bellows had not only wrestled in his own country but had also made his mark in the United States of America, Thailand, Japan, Jordan and India.

Based on remarks made by his opponents, Bellows is the kind of foe that is dangerous regardless of circumstances. The Benchmark of Brutality is also known to be borderline mentally unstable.

Speaking to the AWE news team, the Star of the Bar is dead set on making an impact in AWE when he made clear  his true intentions for joining the company.

“What I seek in the AWE? Well its simple mate. To cement my legacy, win titles and make more money!” said the seemingly tipsy Bellows.

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