Japanese Buzzsaw vs Nusantara Prince          at AWE : Carnage


Japanese pro wrestling living legend plans to show Shaukat how its done this Jan 20

By: AWE News Team


Dec 20 - No rest for the wicked.

Just a few days after Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) successful maiden show, AWE : Adventus, things are already picking up for AWE stars.

Japanese pro wrestling legend Tajiri, has issued a challenge to AWE’s Nusantara Prince, Shaukat after claiming that the latter had ‘stolen’ his move last Sunday at Adventus.

Despite still in a battered condition after his amazing showdown against Shane ‘The Hurricane’ Helms, it didn't take long for Shaukat to accept the challenge.

Hence, its official. Tajiri will go one on one with Shaukat on January 20 at AWE’s second show - AWE : Carnage.

“At first he wants to be The Hurricane. Now he wants to be Tajiri? Shaukat must be thought a lesson. His poor man version of the Buzzsaw kick is a disgrace!

“At AWE : Carnage, I, Tajiri, will show him how it is done and why I am the master of the Buzzsaw kick,” said Tajiri to the AWE News Team.

Be sure to stay tuned for more details on AWE : Carnage, the rest of the match card and how you can watch the show live this January 20.