AWE : Adventus will see the Battle of 'High' versus 'Low'


High roller Mr.Y and high life extraordinaire Harry Ray takes on Lord of the underworld Gotham and Cornelius Low

By: AWE News Team


Dec 4 – Easy come, easy go, little high, little low. Anyway the wind blows doesn't really matter to Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) because this tag team bout will be nothing less than epic.

In this interesting match up, High roller Mr.Y and high life extraordinaire Harry Ray takes on the big brother of the underworld Gotham and 'The Lowly' Cornelius Low.

First up, the Indonesian born Harry Ray. An ace among rookies, the 'Swag-O-Saurus' is a young, brash and highly charismatic fighter that has an attitude of a superstar and believes that he has the necessary abilities to back it up.

His tag partner, The Mysterious Mr.Y who will be making his professional debut at AWE : Adventus. Dubbed as 'The Lord of Gamble', this man utilises unpredictable tactics in card game as well as in combat, often gaining victories out of nowhere.

Also making his debut is 'The Lowly' Cornelius Low, is obsessed with the idea that all human beings are a bunch of lowlifes, just like himself. He is preaching this idea whether people like it or not, by hook or by crook.

But the most experienced of all, The Malaysian Mafia, Gotham. One of the veterans in the Malaysian wrestling scene, 'The Brooding Bad Ass' has a reputation that extends across South East Asia. He once walked into GP MAX's Dojo and annihilated one of their elites, Dennis 'The Ladykiller' Hui.

Speaking to the AWE News Team, Gotham doesn't seem to care about his match card when he said that 'whoever my partner is, whoever my opponents are, I don't care. All that AWE needs to know is that I am here to kick ass,” he said.

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