Jaki G’s Digital Open Challenge - Accepted!


Heartthrob Jaki G will go one on one against a mystery opponent at AWE : Carnage

By: AWE News Team


DEC 29 - Here comes a new challenger!

Nearly 24 hours after posting his Digital Open Challenge on his Facebook page, ‘The Heartthrob’ Jaki G have already gotten what he asked for.

It is now official that the self proclaimed ‘Giant Slayer’ will go one on one against a mystery opponent at AWE : Carnage this January 20, 2018.

Earlier today, the AWE Communications Team had received a cryptic video (which can now be viewed at AWE Facebook page) which was believed to be sent by this mysterious wrestler.

The 1:12 minutes video first congratulated Jaki G on his recent win at AWE : Adventus, before quickly getting down to accepting his Digital Open Challenge.

“...I have more than enough balls for you. I'll even rub it on your face in our match. Don't cry when that happens. Just remember… I've slayed giants before you were born,” the video reads.

Yesterday, Jaki G issued a Digital Open Challenge on his Facebook account after feeling unstoppable.

He also claims to be known as The Giant Slayer after defeating three giants - Furious Faizal, Wam Bam Bellows and Malik ‘Serigala’ Sazali in one night.

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