Greg Glorious takes on Rufio at AWE : Adventus


Its Singapore versus Indonesia this December 17 as these two South East Asian icons square off

By: AWE News Team


Dec 1 – Singapore and Indonesia, get your flags, Vuvzela and face paint ready because its going to be Singapore versus Indonesia at AWE : Adventus.

Its official, the match has been booked and GP MAX's classically trained technical expert Greg Glorious will go one on one with the only active Indonesian born professional wrestler in the world, Rufio, this coming December 17.

Upon being contacted by the AWE News Team, Greg Glorious expressed his enthusiasm in competing with some of Asia's finest wrestler in AWE, but not without throwing in some rather interesting words for his opponent.

“The fans in Asia recognize work rate and technical excellence, which is why I've been the Malaysia Pro Wrestling World to Regional Champion for almost a year now. At Adventus, Rufio's going to find out why they call Greg Glorious, better at life,” he said.

Trained by Japanese wrestling legend Dick Togo during his time in Vietnam as well as with the Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) in Japan, among Glorious' major accomplishments include being crowned the Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) champion for almost a year now, after he defeated Shaukat in January 2017.

Rufio on the other hand have performed in several wrestling promotions such as Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA), Melbourne City Wrestling and Wrestle Rampage and the Australia Wrestling Alliance (AWA) where he became the youngest ever AWA Heavyweight champion in Queensland, Australia.

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