Former WWE wrestlers to join AWE?


AWE is currently in talks with wrestlers from the 'Attitude' and 'Ruthless Aggression' Era

By: AWE News Team


Nov 15 - Cross your fingers guys as things are about to get heavy in Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE). It seems that rumours of wrestlers who are well known in the mainstream wrestling industry joining AWE may not be that far-fetched after all.

An AWE spokesperson has confirmed that AWE is currently in talks with wrestlers formerly employed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

The Head of Talent Acquisition added that although these wrestlers are no longer on the television today, they were icons during WWE's 'Attitude' as well as 'Ruthless Agression' era.

“We are meeting and discussing potential contract signing with these men and hopefully it will all go to plan. We will announce more when its confirmed,” he said.

The Attitude era was a period in WWE where stars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin shined while the Ruthless Agression era have put names like John Cena and Batista under the limelight.