Slobberknocker Fatal Four Way match announced for AWE : Adventus


Every man for himself as Wam Bam Bellows, Furious Faizal, Jaki G and Malik ‘Serigala’ Sazali face off

By: AWE News Team


Dec 6 - The latest match card to be announced for AWE : Adventus is definitely a good old fashioned slobberknocker of a match as these four modern day gladiators takes on each other in this fatal four way match.

This December 17, its every man for himself as four hard hitting athletes of AWE – Wam Bam Bellows, Furious Faizal, Malik 'Serigala' Sazali and Jaki-G, put their pride on the line to determine who is the baddest cat of the promotion.

First up, all the way from the land down under, the Star of the Bar, Wam Bam Bellows. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, since debuting in 2006, the Benchmark of Brutality is known to be dangerous regardless of circumstances and any contact should be made with extreme caution.

Then we have ‘Furious’ Faizal who hails from Pahang Malaysia. Behind his untamed demeanor, the abuser is able to endure a significant amount of damage while constantly rearranging his strategy in order to get his opponent down to the ground.

Next is another big man, Malik ‘Serigala’ Sazali. Wanting to be an aspiring actor, Malik started to take part in illegal underground fights to earn his keep. He was so good at it that he was given the nickname 'Serigala' which means wolf in Malay language.

Last but not least is the cunning Debonair Delinquent, Jaki G. Do not let his physique fool you. His killer smile can melt the hearts of women of all ages but his killer fist can break jaws of men of all ages too!

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