British Strong Style wants to conquer AWE


Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven are set to compete against Radja Afif, Double K and Mihal Buras at AWE : Adventus

By: AWE News Team


Nov 27 - Class is in session for Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) as three of arguably the best old school British hard knock wrestlers have sealed the deal to be the latest addition to the AWE roster.

The British Strong style, who are consisted of Pete Dunne along with Tyler Bate and Trent Seven of Moustache Mountain believes that they are the most dominant wrestling stable today.

All three of the British Strong Style members are currently signed to the WWE, making regular appearances in its division brand, WWE NXT.

Dunne, currently the WWE United Kingdom Champion, is notoriously known to be a no nonsense in ring competitor, often torturing his opponents from limb to limb before sealing his unlucky foe with the 'Bitter End'.

The younger Bates, on the other hand is like the 'Energizer Bunny' who can't stop moving, constantly bouncing around in the squared circle. Not only is he fast but he is also bloody strong, lifting opponents twice his size before slamming them to the mat.

While Seven the type of wrestler that the audience just couldn't help but to love despite his cunning technical wrestling prowess. He takes pride in not only his in ring skills,but also his perfectly trimmed facial hair.

They plan to prove their claims at the AWE upcoming event AWE : Adventus this December 17, when they take on 'The Northern King' Radja Afif, 'Double K' Khal Khalidi and Mihal 'The Punisher' Buras on three on three tag match.

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