GP MAX set to take on Philippine elite wrestlers at AWE : Adventus


Dennis 'The Ladykiller' Hui and Nyc 'The Aerial Sniper' Lee will compete against Philippine's Jake de Leon and John Sebastian

By: AWE News Team


Dec 2 – Its put up or shut up for GP MAX because it will be an uphill battle for these young wrestlers, heading into AWE : Adventus this December 17. Dennis 'The Ladykiller' Hui and Nyc 'The Aerial Sniper' Lee are set to take on two of Philippine's elite wrestlers – Jake de Leon and John Sebastian.

Jake De Leon or fondly known as JDL, hails from Negros Occidental, Philippine. This tractor-riding, helicopter-flying, pay rolling, Alipin dropping son of a 'haciendero' (farmer) is a multiple time Champion of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR).

His tag team partner, hailing from Muntinlupa, Philippine, is the self proclaimed true ace of PWR -- John Sebastian. Also a former PWR Champion, the 'Wrestling Lord and Savior' is notoriously known for being ruthless in the ring, often using his fists, knees, and everything else to get the win.

However, upon the announcement, GP MAX doesn't seem intimidated at all with their opponent, based on The Ladykiller's feedback.

"They call me The Ladykiller. I'll split your legs wide and then run my spear through you. 

The Aerial Sniper and I are fast shooters. He brings the bullets, I bring the fireworks. GP MAX is coming out on top," he told the AWE News Team.

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