Local stars of TV and Radio Haniff Hamzah and Rayza Mukmin are set to be the faces of AWE Malaysia

By: AWE News Team


Nov 23 - We are thrilled to announce , Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) have recently signed popular Malaysian Radio and Television personalitiy Haniff Hamzah and popular comedian and hardcore wrestling enthusiast Rayza Mukmin.

The Malaysian duo are set to be the regular faces of AWE Malaysia as the hosts of AWE’s Malaysian edition of Magazine its twice weekly Magazine Show where the veiwing audience will be able to interact with Haniff and Rayza as they go behind the scenes with AWE news, interviews and more.

Besides being hosts of AWE’s Malaysian Magazine edition, the two multi talented celebrities will also be the Malaysian commentary team at all AWE live shows.

Upon signing the deal with AWE, Haniff made clear that he’s delighted to be part of a new wave of easily accessible content that Malaysians are going to love.

We’ve been needing something like this to come along for so long, our entertainment scene has been stagnant for a long time and AWE is the breath of fresh air that we all needed. There really is something for everyone at AWE.

“It’s going to be awesome to see great wrestling stars from all over the world along with our local heroes. With our tour plans for 2018, we’ll be making AWE accessible to all of Malaysia and Asia” said Haniff.

Adding to this sentiment was Rayza who uttered “Asia Boleh!” in his casual manner.

“This has been in the planning stages for a long time, and at last it’s time to see AWE come to life. It’s going to be fantastic to be part of the AWE team,” he added when asked to comment further.

Haniff and Rayza's weekly shows will begin airing on the AWE Network simultaneously with
partners across Asia starting January 2018.