Dennis 'The Ladykiller' hui

Bill: Singapore City, Singapore

Weight: 135 lbs

Height: 5'3''

Aliases: The Ladykiller

Signature Move:The Ladykiller (Spear), Banana Split


When someone ask who or what the Ladykiller is, let it be known that the man is someone associated with stylish professionalism, personal magnetism and being really, really, really smooth. Seamless like expensive undergarment and slick as a fresh wax.

Be it his personality or his ring works, Dennis 'The Ladykiller' Hui is a smooth operator. Yet don't let this suave piece of work fool you. Often being accompanied by two ladies as he makes his way to the ring, Dennis is as ruthless as he is charming.

A Co-Founder of the Grapple MAX Dojo in Singapore, The Ladykiller has proven on numerous occasion that he always has a good plan and an even better execution, just like when he won the Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) Extreme Division Championship as well as the Wrestle Square/KWF Cruiserweight Champion.

Part of the GP MAX stable, Dennis, along side Greg Glorious and Nyc 'The Aerial Sniper' Lee, plans to make a name for themselves in Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE).