Bill: Serangoon Central, Singapore

Weight: 210 lbs

Height: 6'0''

Aliases: Real Singapore Hero, OG of Singapore Wrestling

Signature Move: Tangkap Russian Leg sweep, Powerbomb


Kenneth “The Eurasian Dragon” Thexeira is a charismatic heavyweight showman who heavily enjoys crowd involvement as he believes that all fans in attendance deserved to have a great time at the shows. To date, he holds the honour of being the Southeast Asian wrestler with the most countries wrestled in, with the record set at ten entertained nations.

Years of fighting the establishment have seen him conjure a rebellious nature that draws new fans to shows and young wrestlers to his tutelage, and he has grown from plucky underdog to magnetic ringleader for many younger wrestlers across the locker rooms of the region.

He is a former Malaysia Pro Wrestling World to Regional Championship, the first-ever Singapore Champion, and recently became Southeast Asia's most decorated singles wrestler when he won WrestleSquare India's Intercontinental Championship.

Discovery SEA's highly rated and viewed short film Spandex Dreams (2017) saw a spotlight shined on Singapore Pro Wrestling, with Kenneth reprising his Eurasian Dragon role as the lead character. Currently, The Eurasian Dragon is slated to appear in a series of Fox Sports Asia shorts, promoting professional wrestling to new audiences across the region.

Now signed with the AWE, the Real Singapore Hero aims to become the AWE Champion and inspire pride and belief in all his fans. Making the AWE show the most entertaining wrestling product in Asia.