Ho Ho Lun

Bill: Hong Kong, China

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 5’7’’

Aliases: Hong Kong Cool Star

Signature Move: Bridging German Suplex, Shining Wizard, Superkick

A living legend in the East, Ho Ho Lun was known to be responsible for two things -- founding the Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation and leaving a trail of broken foes across Asia with his deadly kicks and knee strikes.

Breaking boundaries since debuting in 2009, the ‘Hong Kong Cool Star’ was the first Hong Kong pro wrestler to set foot in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) taking part in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic where he would later compete regularly in their developmental territory, NXT.

Prior to his WWE days, Ho Ho Lun have been raking experience, performing in several countries including Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Europe.

He now seeks to claim the throne of Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) the only way he knows best and that is delivering a berserker barrage of kicks and will not stop until he is on top.