Bill: Jakarta, Indonesia

Weight: 137 lbs

Height: 5’6’’

Aliases: Swag-o-saurus, Wandering Warrior

Signature Move: Flatliner, Springboard Enziguri, STO


Om Telolet Om! Harry Ray is in your way.

Currently residing in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, not many are aware that the Swag-o-saurus is actually the first Indonesian born pro wrestler. This young, brash and highly charismatic fighter has an attitude of a superstar and believes that he has the necessary abilities to back it up.

An ace amongst rookies, Ray doesn’t wait for the right opportunity to pass by but instead demands it by knocking down opportunity’s door.

Desperately seeking recognition, the Wandering Warrior often lands in unlikely places. Ray have previously been involved in Hardcore matches against his former mentor, Double K.

Today, Ray flies solo again as he believes that more can be achieved within the squared circle of Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE).