Bill: Singapore City, Singapore

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 5'6''

Aliases: Better at Life

Signature Move: GGS (Glorious German Suplex)


If anyone can say that they are better at life than you, it has to be Greg Glorious. Ever since making his professional debut in 2013, the master of the Glorious German Suplex has been leaving a trail of astonished audience as he wrestled in several promotions across Asia.

Trained by Japanese wrestling legend Dick Togo during his time in Vietnam as well as with the Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) in Japan, among Greg's major accomplishments include being the Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) World to Regional Champion for almost a whole year now, since he defeated Shaukat in January 2017.

Besides being notoriously known as the Co-founder of Singapore’s most despised tag team – GST, Mr. Glorious is also the Co-Founder of the Grapple MAX Dojo in Singapore.

Today, Greg stands side by side with Dennis 'The Ladykiller' Hui and Nyc 'The Aerial Sniper' Lee as part of the GP MAX stable. Their first mission in Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) is to prove that GP MAX has the best technical wrestler and school in the region.