AWE about to be hit by a 'Green Storm'


Everyone stand back and take cover as you witness a green cyclone takes over AWE
By: AWE News Team

Nov 23 - Before you start packing up and evacuating your homes, we weren't referring to the natural disaster when we said 'Green Storm'.

On the contrary, Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) considers this a blessing to all Asian wrestling fans.

This is due to the promotion's spokeperson confirming that  an agreement with an internationally known wrestler has just been made.

According to him, the man who competed in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in his early days, will be competing with one of the top guys in the AWE roster at AWE : Adventus, this coming December 17.

“Stand back. Its coming through. I am ecstatic about the deal and I am sure that AWE fans will feel the same way,” he said.

Stay tuned for more updates.


'Green Storm' Teaser