Bill: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Weight: 235 lbs

Height: 6' 0''

Aliases: The Malaysian Mafia, Brooding Bad Ass

Signature Move: Blackout, Point Blank, Flipping Senton


When other kids spent their childhood at the park, with their happy family, on a beautiful Sunday morning, Gotham was fighting for his life tooth and nail against boys twice his age.

Growing up in the underworld, 'The Malaysian Mafia' no longer decides to make his decisions based on right or wrong. To him, the best decision, is a decision that is best for Gotham.

One of the veterans in Malaysia Pro Wrestling, Gotham's reputation extends across South East Asia. The Brooding Bad Ass once walked across the causeway, into Singapore's Grapple Max Dojo and annihilated one of their elites.

Everyone in the AWE roster better be watching their backs. Those foolish enough to ignore the warnings will find themselves in the line of Gotham's cross hair.