Bill: Pahang, Malaysia

Weight: 265 lbs

Height: 5' 11''

Aliases: The Abuser

Signature Move: Grizzly Bomb, Bear Trap, Decapitator


Furious Faizal's fierce and brute force in the ring and his is intimidating presence is enough to stir fear even among the bravest of them all. While there have been a few who underestimated this freakish force of nature, all of them later crumbled with regret.

Behind his untamed demeanor, what makes Faizal more deadly than any other berserker is that he is also a master strategist in combat.

The man who is also known as The Abuser have proven that he can endure significant amount of damage. With this ability, Faizal can constantly rearrange his strategy to get his opponent down to the ground and inflict as much damage as he could to the poor soul.

In one of his greatest feud in Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW), the former Wrestlecon Champion utterly destroyed and dismantle the much more agile and opportunistic Emman The Kid in their final battle as a direct result of Furious Faizal's unique strategy of constantly adapting to his foe's abilities.