‘Double K’ Khal Khalidi & Cornelius Low will take on Radja Afif & Mihal ‘Punisher’ Buras this January 20

By: AWE News Team


Jan 5 - An enraged ‘Double K’ Khal Khalidi hopes to settle some unfinished business with former tag partners Radja Afif and Mihal ‘The Punisher’ Buras after the surprising turn of event at AWE : Adventus.

The two on two tag team match was confirmed by AWE officials earlier today and Khalidi will be teaming up with Cornelius Low to take on his former tag partners this January 20 at AWE : Carnage.

Upon being contacted by the AWE News Team, Khalidi, said that he wasn't too happy with Radja Afif’s actions after the ending of their match in AWE : Adventus.

“He put his filthy village hands on me! I don't like it one bit. At Carnage, I'll return the favor by putting my foot to his face!” he said angrily before ending the phone call.

Last month at Adventus, after their epic bout with Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven of the British Strong Style, Khalidi, Radja Afif and Buras had celebrated their valiant effort during the match.

However, unhappy with Buras who was pinned during the match, Khalidi had hit the former with his signature move ‘Khal-Lah’ out of frustration.

It was then that the confused and agitated Radja Afif attempted to Chokeslam Khalidi, before the latter escapes and squirms his way back to the locker room.

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