'Double K' Khal Khalidi

Bill: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Weight: 175 lbs

Height: 5' 8''

Aliases: The Punomenal One, The Retis

Signature Move: Lifting DDT, Punt Kick, Modified STF


This might sound cheesy, But ‘Double K’ Khal Khalidi think his puns are really grate.


When you talk about bad puns, no one comes up with the cheesiest, tackiest and utterly horrendous puns than the self proclaimed Punomenal One. But don't let his bad puns fool you as Double K's in ring ability is nothing like his lame jokes.

The longest reigning, defending King of Extreme in Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW), have since ruled not only with an iron fist, but also iron pipe, steel chair and not to forget his favourite weapon, the 'Penyodok' (dust pan).

Using his creativity, 'the Penyodok' is sometimes used against his poor victim, locking them in a modified STF. But this flamboyant athlete is lethal even without his weapons. Double K have time and time again proven that he is deadly in the ring as in either singles or tag team competitor.