Bill: Manila, Philippines

Weight: 115 lbs

Height: 5'4''

Aliases: -

Signature Move: Solemate, The 619, Ballsplex, Crystallization


Somebody call the air conditioner repairmen because it is getting hot in here! Crystal, the Filipino femme fatale is here (God bless AWE) to show the world what a real women pro wrestler has to offer.

Before Crystal became the cream of the crop when it comes to high-flying, dynamic, and enchanting wrestlers in the Philippines, not many people know that she began her career as a ring announcer in Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR).

Being in the limelight, it was only natural for Crystal to step into the centre and did the ass kicking herself. After being abused by a male wrestler who had just lost a match, Crystal made history when she challenged the latter in an inter-gender match.

Although she came up short, Crystal had left quite an impression among wrestling fans in her hometown. Ready to step up her game in the AWE womens division, with all the feathers on her cap, she certainly has all the tools to go all the way to the top.