The D became the latest AWE Athlete as he makes his debut in AWE : Carnage

By: AWE News Team


Jan 24 - Nope, this is not a troll but an actual fact- Asia's Ultimate Troll, Dominic ‘The D’ Ng is now officially a part of AWE’s diverse roster.

Though some had speculated prior, The D still manage to blew the roof off at AWE : Carnage when he makes his surprise entrance at Kilang Bateri, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The D was brought in by the freshly appointed AWE Commissioner, The Dante, as the mystery opponent who had accepted Jaki G’s Digital Open Challenge.

After his match, the AWE News Team manage to speak to The D in regards to him wrestling in a new promotion with a fresh new positive attitude.

"I'm glad to be wrestling for AWE. I'll be here for a long time, and I'll make sure justice will be dished out to those that do wrong. Or I will just sit on their face.
"Thank you Commissioner Dante for bringing me back, and letting me sleep on the same bed as Shaukat… I mean same level,” he said as he smirked.

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