An ‘Altimet’ start to AWE’s 2018!


Rapper, Actor, Producer, Satellite Navigator, Altimet will now add AWE Malaysian Celebrity Ambassador as another feather on his cap

By: AWE News Team


Jan 2 - It is our great pleasure here at Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) to announce that Malaysia’s Hip Hop icon, Altimet, will be joining us as Malaysian Celebrity Ambassador.

Rapper, Actor, Producer, Songwriter, Composer and the first Malaysian rapper to be a Satellite Navigator on WAZE, Altimet can now add the title of AWE Malaysian Celebrity Ambassador as another feather on his accomplishment cap.
In his words, "I have been a pioneer in the Malaysian entertainment scene for so long, I've pretty much seen it all. But thing that attracted me to AWE was the overall entertainment and experience that goes hand in hand.

“It's exciting, action packed with drama, has fantastic bright and colourful characters and what's more it is filled with exceptional talents.

“As a lover of great entertainment to me AWE has it all, a little something for almost everyone,
It's an exciting journey and I'm looking forward to the ride,” said Altimet to the AWE News Team.

Altimet's journey as a musician began in 1995 when he started writing his own materials after being inspired by Naughtius Maximus.

Four years later, alongside Mizz Nina, Fiquetional, and DJ Fuzz, the four formed one of the greatest rap group to ever set foot in Malaysia - Teh Tarik Crew, otherwise know as TTC.

Many years later, Altimet went on to work as a solo artist, producer, songwriter, and composer where he extends his skills, making magic with artists of various genres.

Besides being a co founder of Mixology DJ Academy, Altimet also works as A&R manager for Powder Records Altimet and runs his own publishing company, Purplenotez Publishing on top of raising roofs during DJ gigs.
He was also appointed the 1Malaysia Ambassador and National Youth Icon by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Malaysia.

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